Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Aromatherapy for Cats and Dogs?

As you probably already know, aromatherapies regularly help people simply and naturally. Essential plant oils and aromatic compounds calm us, help us think better or help us feel well.

But what about aromatherapies for our cats and dogs?

It's not so easy because many of the oils used by us are poisonous for our pets. But thanks to cat expert (My Cat from Hell) Jackson Galaxy and Dr. Jean Hofve, we have an answer.

Galaxy has teamed up with Hofve to promote formulas she developed that depend on harmless floral essences to provide for our cats and dogs aromatherapy style relief.

We learned about this when our senior cat, Billy developed physical problems related to age. He's nearly seventeen now, and we want to keep him healthy and, just as important, happy as much as we can for however long we are lucky to have him with us.

So, trusting Jackson Galaxy, we decided to try dealing with his anxiety (originally caused by months of loud nearby building construction), a frequently upset tummy and (for our sanity) his preference for trying to convert us to night owls like himself.

All I can say is, these products from Jackson Galaxy and Jean Hofve have helped us and him into a nice, settled space. Things would be much more difficult for him and us without them.
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