Sunday, July 14, 2013

Best Cat Food Brands, Raw, Wet or Dry

There's a revolution in cat food brands, and we're finding out that all our old assumptions must be set aside and reconsidered. What's best?

The question gets more complicated when you take into account that it isn't just a question of which brands, but also which kind.

With decisions to make about wet food, dry food or the newest contenders in raw foods, you need to be armed with the facts and not commercials.

We're finding that what we used to believe and the brands we trusted aren't what's best for cats.

In fact, the most popular names are among the worst, stocked with meats from places like China or the Phillipines where inspections even for human consumption are weak.

The fact is, the big names with low prices often don't know what's really in their foods, and of course, neither do you.

The best cat food brands are just about all new companies who've modeled their formulas on cats natural diets, gearing them for easier digestion and better health and based on the latest research.

We cover that and let you know what you need to know to make choices from the best raw, wet and dry foods available. Click any link for details.


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