Thursday, May 10, 2012

Famous Artist's Cats: Magritte and The Invisible Cat

René Magritte's Invisible Cat From Famous Artists Cats

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Invisible Cat by Deborah Julian
Famous Artists Cats
What artist could better inspire fresh cat art in Deborah Julian Art's inventive series, Famous Artists' Cats than René Magritte?

After all haven't cats already mastered invisibility and quantum leaping? Born in Belgium in 1898, Magritte went on to paint some of the most surreal psychological mysteries at a time when what we consider modern art was being invented.

In the imaginary worlds Magritte painted, business men with bowler hats drifted rigidly in space. A simple neighborhood setting was haunted at night with ungraspable foreboding. All-seeing eyes appeared.

While art lovers have always found Magritte's paintings unsettling, cats have not.

Cats give every impression that they find surreal shenanigans to be the normal order of things among perpetually confused human beings.

Many of us assume that cats run away when we approach because they're frightened when, in fact, it's because they just prefer not to get involved.

This explains why cats will agree to friendship only after food they like has been introduced. Depending on the cat, a period of indefinite duration follows before you might be allow to play with or even pet the cat.

After that, it's a gradual transition to the point where you have a chance to give up a favorite chair because the cat likes to nap in it or even sacrifice a major section of your bed at night.

Which brings us to The Invisible Cat. In Magritte's Invisible World, he painted partially sculpted border on what appears to be a formal balcony.

In the background, gray-black clouds threaten above what appears to be a vast, misty sea. Sammy, famous, among other things, for disrupting Degas's Hat Shop, was having none of it. His decision to curl up next to the rock for a moment of meditation was immediate.

Because such acts do not require any time to pass, Sammy quantum leaped from his favorite lounging place to Magritte's canvas, instantly creating The Invisible Cat.

You can find more cat art inspired by great artists in Deborah Julian's Famous Artists' Cats, a series that includes images inspired by Van Gogh, Matisse, Degas and others.

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